Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement
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The back of this kind of timing belt replacement can also be driven, and an automatic tension adjuster can be used to make the transmission safer and more reliable.  As a transmission belt, it connects the pulleys and transmits the force from the engine to the ancillary components including the alternator, the hydraulic pump for the power steering,etc. This kind of timing belt replacement is especially suitable for high-speed transmissions with compact structure and high transmission power, such as power equipment such as engines and motors.

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  • Reasonable structure´╝îlarge contact area and friction, greater transmission capacity

  • High belt strength,small elongation,accurate length

  • Heat,flex,wear,oil, chemical corrosion resistance

  • The belt body is thin and light, the flexibility is good and the working stress is small.

  • Low transmission vibration, fast heat dissipation and stable operation

  • Energy saving effect is obvious, transmission efficiency is high

  • Compact structure, small footprint and long life

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