HTD 8m Timing Belt

HTD 8m Timing Belt
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Product Description:

Mainly made of imported polyurethane material, this HTD 8m timing belt has high abrasion resistance and still maintains good movement in the transmission. And a layer of polyurethane thickened on the back of the product prevents corrosion or high loads. Different from trapezoidal tooth timing belt and the T-tooth timing belt, this product can meet the high-power transmission, and its transmission power is several times larger than that of the ladder type and the T-type. The HTD 8m timing belt has a larger belt structure than the conventional toothed timing belt, and the performance is improved.


The transmission power is higher than the trapezoidal square teeth;

Glass fiber rope provides high strength, excellent flexibility and high stretch resistance;

Neoprene protects it from dirt, grease and moisture;

Anti-wear nylon flanks for better protection of the tooth segments and extended its service life

No lubrication and no need to tighten again, reducing maintenance costs.


Widely used in data storage equipment, power tools, food processing, garden machinery, office equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, sewing machines, water pumps, textile machines, robots, vending machines and vacuum cleaners, etc.

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