HTD 5m Timing Belt

HTD 5m Timing Belt
Product Details

Product Description:

The HTD 5m timing belt overcomes the shortcomings of the trapezoidal toothed timing belt, homogenizes the stress and improves the meshing, and a layer of polyurethane thickened on the back of the product prevents corrosion or high loads. Therefore, it is always a perfect choice when belt drive is required. All in all, this product has better meshing performance and can meet high power transmission.


  • Low noise

  • Durable

  • Easy to maintain

  • No lubrication required

  • Anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, anti-UVA, anti-ozone

  • Working temperature -30~ + 80 maximum scale up to +110

  • Oil and ester resistant

  • Acid resistant, alkaline resistant to burning

  • Can be combined with other thermoplastic materials

  • Can work in harsh environments such as high temperature, corrosion

  • Transmission more power than the trapezoidal square tooth drive,

  • The glass fiber tension line increases the tensile strength, 

  • The tooth surface is protected by a high-strength nylon surface. 


HTD 5m timing belts are widely used in various mechanical transmissions in various industries, such as textile industry, machine tool industry, tobacco manufacturing industry, communication cable, petrochemical industry, automobile industry, etc.