Double Sided Timing Belt

Double Sided Timing Belt
Product Details

Product Description:

This kind of double sided timing belt is made of imported thermoplastic polyurethane material and has high abrasion resistance. Various types of steel wire cores ensure that it still maintain good motion in the transmission and have small production tolerances. In the production process of this product, Sanmin Gears can apply a layer of fabric on the tooth surface or the belt back to ensure the special operation in special applications,or a layer of red glue or blick on the belt backto prevent corrosive or high load.


1. Mechanical Property 

  • Stable Dimension

  • Excellent flexural flexibility

  • Low elongation

  • Small noise

  • Wear out Resistance

  • No need to maintain

  • Excellent Elasticity

  • Top linear speed

2. Chemical Property 

  • Anti-aging, Anti-hydrolyze, 

  • Anti-UVA, Anti-ozone

  • Anti-oil and anti-ester

  • Acid and alkaline resistance

  • Operating temperature -30~+80, The within short time can up to +110

  • Combined with other thermoplastic materials


Mainly used in machinery, textile, precision instrumentation, petrochemical, communication cable and other industries, such as household appliances,electronic equipment, textile machinery, paper machinery, machine tools, medical machines, etc.