What Are The Improved Gear Hobbing Method

Gear is the main parts in the gearbox, the machining accuracy directly affect the transmission quality. Gear teeth processing methods are currently used our hobbing method of shaving. To roll through, shaving techniques to produce high precision gears, rolling, shaving process must be the best. Shaving precision is to a large extent according to the saddle of hobbing accuracy, so some error in hobbing projects must be strictly controlled, in order to manufacture high quality gear. Gear hobbing is a commonly used method in high precision of gear hobbing machine, using precision hobs, can be processed by precision of level 45 gear. In normal gear hobbing machine, with General precision hobs, can only process a level 8 precision gear. Precision transmission shaft gear requirements to 877, and hobbing and is based on two central hole and end face do benchmark, so analysis of hobbing error sources, control method for ensuring and improving processing accuracy is very important.