Timing Belt Widely Used

Timing Belt deviation mainly include:

First, the reasons for the synchronization belt itself.

After the belt has been running for a long period of time, the tension of the belt is weakened, and the timing of the timing belt is inconsistent. In this case, you can replace the timing belt; if the internal and external timing belt tension is inconsistent, you can replace the internal and external timing belt position, deviation is not serious, in the guide wheel and tension wheel ring auxiliary role, can solve the problem.

Second, the reasons for the steering wheel or tension wheel.

When the timing belt deviation, the direction of deviation is where to go where to run. After a long period of work in the machine, under the action of the belt tension, it should be said that the guide wheel and tension wheel appeared to varying degrees of wear and tear, and even the emergence of the wheel and tension wheel deformation (inward deformation) situation. This wear and tear is not easy to see with the naked eye.

At this time, you can use pad pad to solve the way, the specific approach is:

1, tension wheel frame to foot pad method. Gasket can be used tinplate or galvanized white iron, etc., the thickness according to the specific needs of choice. Timing Belt inward when the deviation, indicating that the tension inside the upper side can be added to the same thickness on both sides of the gasket.

2, guided wheel frame foot pad method. You can use the socket wrench to release the fixed steering wheel to the foot of the screw, the lower part of the gasket on both sides, the thickness of the gasket according to the need to adjust the choice, but the thickness to be consistent.

The above two methods have their own characteristics:

The first method of debugging more trouble, on the one hand tension in the bottom, tighten the foot screw when the inconvenient, on the other hand tension with a belt tensioning device, a tension spring, the debugging effect is not very satisfactory The

Although the second method is easy to debug, but the adjustment of the sensitivity is too high, that is, the thickness of the gasket is very sensitive, need to repeatedly debug the job.

So it is recommended to use a combination of two ways to solve the problem, this effect will be better.

 There are many reasons for the failure mode of the timing belt, and sometimes the failure mode of the belt is difficult to determine. The purpose of the product application memorandum is to define, exemplify and determine the failure mode of the usual timing belt so that we can take appropriate precautions and corrective action.

The use of timing belt is very wide, from the machine tools, cars, detectors, printers, copiers, power tools, household appliances can see its shadow, it combines the belt drive, chain drive and gear drive their own advantages. So what is the accuracy of its transmission in the end?

Timing Belt (wheel) itself is not accurate at all, but before the motor has a load, it has a precision said.

Once the equipment has a clear accuracy requirements, then the problem will come, and now put forward three questions for you and their own thinking:

1. In the case of open-loop, Timing Belt drive can achieve the accuracy? What is the accuracy?

2. In the case of semi-closed-loop, the accuracy of the belt conveyor can be achieved? What is the accuracy?

3. In the case of closed-loop, the belt conveyor can achieve the accuracy? What is the accuracy?

1. Synchronous wheels and timing belts When combined with single stage or multi-stage drives, only from the device itself, there is no high accuracy and repeatability is poor, one reason is because the timing belt elastic deformation, the other is a synchronous pulley The accuracy of the gear, the same as the gear, rack, there are 7, 8 precision points, there are no gears to detect many of the project to control the processing accuracy, the general belt pitch cumulative deviation will be + \ - 0.10 ~ 0.15, So no feedback pulley drive its repeatability can be imagined. In general, the use of high quality Timing Belt, appropriate tension belt and improve the accuracy of the synchronous wheel can significantly improve the transmission accuracy. (Here also put forward two sub-problems: want to improve the accuracy of the synchronization wheel, in addition to direct purchase of imported and whether there are other methods? There are several wheel test items, how to detect?) Of course, if the multi-stage slowdown , The transmission accuracy is reduced by the presence of the transmission ratio i.

2. The so-called semi-closed loop refers to the feedback unit mounted on the motor, and the transmission unit without feedback, so that the accuracy of the equipment can be achieved depends on the accuracy of the transmission itself and control system accuracy.

3. Timing Belt drive with the scale of the situation: light in theory, the grating accuracy and control accuracy can be achieved, the transmission accuracy of the number of equipment can be very high precision, but in fact, because the timing of the final Is an elastic body, it starts at high speed, stop, reverse there must be "snake-like movement" phenomenon, resulting in system speed fluctuations, if the belt loose, the machine is simply twitching. Like the printer is also used with the belt drive, but in the print work, it is to avoid the acceleration and deceleration phase, only in the uniform stage of inkjet, so can print very good results, forms, text will not be dislocation, which requires Positioning accuracy or repeatability in general, the real need for precision, the timing belt is only as a first-level drive, followed by a screw. Gear rack, turbine worm to achieve the load to promote.