Timing Belt Pulley With High Modulus, High Strength, High Elasticity

Timing Belt Pulley under what circumstances choose chloroprene rubber, under what circumstances choose polyurethane?

Polyurethane wear resistance is better, neoprene elasticity is better. Polyurethane easy to produce heat, rubber aging.

Rubber belt with good flexibility. Good water resistance. PU water resistant. Reciprocating work poor. High and low temperature performance is poor. Wear well. At room temperature under static conditions PU polyurethane Timing Belt Pulley is good. The rubber belt is good. Polyurethane Timing Belt Pulley is a thermoplastic polyurethane material, it has a high modulus, high strength, high elasticity, permanent deformation of small, good winding, excellent wear, oil, low temperature, anti-aging performance, to achieve medical Health requirements. Polyurethane TPU Timing Belt Pulley wear resistance is 8 times the rubber Timing Belt Pulley, sanitary than the rubber belt.

Through the performance of the Timing Belt Pulley in the application, we can see that in the application of the Timing Belt Pulley drive, is able to show a very smooth transmission effect. But why can it be in the drive when the show a very smooth transmission effect? Specifically, the main reasons are the following:

First, it can obtain a constant speed ratio: the overall structure of the Timing Belt Pulley and the working principle of its use, it is in the application of the transmission, it is possible to obtain a constant speed ratio. This means that everyone in the use of this device, to drive the equipment when the speed ratio is very constant, so when the drive, naturally can also be by virtue of a constant speed, and very Smooth driving effect.

Second, the transmission structure is compact: the overall operation of the Timing Belt Pulley structure, the transmission structure is very compact, with a compact drive structure, which can also be carried out when the transmission, there is a very smooth operation, and to This presents a very smooth transmission effect.

It is because of the above two reasons, so the Timing Belt Pulley in the application of the time, only to show you see a very smooth transmission effect.

The Timing Belt Pulley is slidable and has an accurate transmission ratio. The Timing Belt Pulley drive is a meshing drive. Although the Timing Belt Pulley is an elastic body, since the load bearing rope is not elongated under the action of tension, Keep the belt pitch constant, so that the belt with the gear groove can be properly engaged to achieve the non-slip synchronous transmission, access to accurate transmission ratio. And the Timing Belt Pulley of the transmission efficiency is high, energy-saving effect is good because the sync belt for non-sliding synchronous transmission, it has a higher transmission efficiency, generally up to 0. 98. It has a significant energy saving effect compared to V-belt drives. As can be seen from the above examples, Timing Belt Pulley drive in energy conservation has great potential, so the use of synchronous belt drive can get higher economic benefits. But because of the advantages of the Timing Belt Pulley it is welcomed by consumers, but because of the chaos of the market itself, to the consumer's purchase has brought difficulties today, we will introduce you to a few tips, so that we can buy good Timing Belt Pulley and timing pulley.

At present, synchronous pulley is widely used in industrial and mechanical production, the quality of the components will directly affect the quality of the entire production can be carried out smoothly. So choose high-quality products is very important.

Select the Timing Belt Pulley and timing pulley need to pay attention to the following two aspects:

First, some people in the choice of products may be based on the power of the motor as a basis for selection, in fact, seven or eight of the pulley is not much difference, so the purchase power can not determine the product is good or bad. Consumers in the purchase process should consider the width of the pulley, usually the width of the transmission pulley on the generator is best to choose 14 meters, if you want to increase its width, according to the reference intensity range to impose a certain intensity on it The.

Second, consumers should pay attention when buying, businesses may recommend you use 8M Timing Belt Pulley with the type of timing pulley, then you have to be careful, usually the engine equipment power is about 30 million watts, so the motor imposed Of the torque are generally larger, 8M Timing Belt Pulley specifications generally can only withstand 70KP torque, and in order to make the pulley work, it must bear the torque of 100KP can, so 8 meters model pulley will not For consumers to buy. The above is the timing of the wheel with the need to pay attention to the two aspects of the introduction, I hope you can understand the above synchronization with the acquisition of knowledge, the above knowledge applied to life, so as to buy a Satisfied with the belt products.