Timing Belt Greatly Improving The Efficiency Of Production Lines

Over the years, many of the industry have such a consensus, that is, including the double-sided Timing Belt, including a variety of synchronous belt products, the importance of attention has always been placed in an important position. In short, the technological industry's progress will directly lead to the overall efficiency of the upgrade, so the significance of extraordinary.

During the last seventies, the benefits of the advancement of the technology were insignificant. After years of mature modern Timing Belt products already have a very high performance, greatly improving the efficiency of production lines, as the industry to reduce production costs an important guarantee.

It is precisely because of this, people have a higher demand for the product, the requirements have become increasingly high. In order to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers change, many manufacturers began to introduce new, with new changes, the future of the belt products will be toward the miniaturization, standardization and efficient trend forward. This not only requires us to enhance the design aspects, more importantly, the development and application of new technologies. Currently on the market is more commonly used is hardened surface technology, through this process can be largely reduced size, so that people carry.

In recent years, energy saving, environmental protection, energy consumption has become the main direction of national sustainable development. China is a big energy country, both the production of power and consumption of power. The efficient use of resources has become an important strategy for national development. The national development plan has brought significant development opportunities to the vibration machinery industry. The Central Government's "Outline of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development" has clearly pointed out the development of major technical equipment with significant influence,Timing Belt including large-scale metallurgical equipment, large-scale screening and washing equipment. Vibration machinery is mainly used in iron and steel, electricity and other energy industries, and in the traffic road industry is also widely used. Here we are from the development of major industries to predict the vibration machinery industry with the future application of the market capacity, so the future development of the vibration industry has a more fully understood.

Iron and steel industry into the 21st century, with the recovery of the world economy and China into the heavy chemical industry stage, strong demand in domestic and foreign markets, driven by China's steel industry for five consecutive years of rapid growth. By 2006, full-year crude steel production has exceeded 400 million tons,Timing Belt the world's steel industry in the history of the new milestone. The great development of the steel industry also provides a broad space for the vibration machinery market.

General industry experience, the production of 1 ton of steel probably need to consume 5.28 tons of ore. 2005 350 million tons of steel production, the need to consume 1.848 billion tons of ore. Ore imports generally accounted for 40 to 50%, according to import 50% of the need to purchase 924 million tons of ore in the country. Screening 100 million tons of ore needs 600 million yuan of vibration machinery and equipment,Timing Belt then in 2005 with 5.454 billion yuan of vibration machinery and equipment, according to the depreciation period of 5 years and 10% of the proportion of accessories consumption, consumption of vibration machinery and equipment in 2006 1.663 billion yuan. Iron and steel production in 2006 increased by 0.7 million tons in 2005, need to add new equipment and accessories 1.20 billion. Therefore, the steel industry in 2006 the demand for vibration machinery and equipment market was 2.883 billion yuan.

Synchronous pulley processing materials are usually 45 # steel, hard aluminum alloy is the most common, the other can also use cast iron, copper, nylon and other suitable materials for processing, the specific choice to your needs.

1, synchronous pulley Scope of application: extensive (printing, packaging, machine, textile, engraving, marking, tobacco, financial equipment, computer printing,Timing Belt communication cable, petrochemical, instrumentation, fitness equipment, laser cutting, electronic appliances, medical equipment And other major transmission areas).

2, the choice of timing pulley material: 45 # steel, hard aluminum alloy is the most common, the other can also use cast iron, copper, nylon and other suitable for processing materials, the specific choice to customer demand-based.

3, at the same time we can also provide you with plans to sample production and processing, we can also provide you with the timing of the pulley with the hole, size, width, keyway and other parameters for you to draw the corresponding synchronous pulley drawings; manufacture. As long as you need, we can produce the synchronized pulleys you need for you.