Running Gear Pump Leak Was Caused By What

Oil pump gear of compact structure. Easy to use and maintenance, this series of pumps are self-priming with good, every time before starting the pump shall not be filled with liquid, this type of transmission fluid pumping lubrication is automatically achieved. Daily work without additional lubrication. Use flexible couplings transmit power to compensate for tiny deviations caused by the installation. Was inevitable in the pump hydraulic impact, can play a better buffer. 1. oil is not clean, return oil flow. 2. the cover is not properly installed, plugging drain holes on the front and back covers. 3. the seal ring and seal the outside diameter of bore diameter fit too loose. 4. pump installed backwards so that pressure port connected to the unloading channel, pressure out of seals. 5. the selection and installation of seals does not close. Sealing is very important, and you want to install some parts to close, such as leaks, first check for correct selection and installation of sealing, then checks whether the conditions to run smoothly.