Gear Pump Maintenance

1, regular fat, electric oil drum pump for high speeds, grease is easy to evaporate, therefore bearing lubrication must be kept clean, and Tim-for. 2, regular checks and maintenance of gear oil pump, electric drum pump should be checked frequently, maintenance, check that the power cable: internal wiring, plugs, switch is good, the insulation resistance is normal, loose brush tail, brushes and commutator contact is good, armature winding moderate level expansion of the stator winding is a circuit breaker, and damage to the bearings and rotating parts, and so on. 3, and save good each parts and replacement same parts, in split check gear pump Shi, should save good each parts, to special note across burst parts of across burst surface, and picking including insulation liner and the casing cannot makes its injury, as has damaged, must replacement Shang new of same parts, shall not used below raw materials performance of alternative material or original specifications inconsistent of parts, Assembly Shi should will all parts by originally location loaded good, cannot missed.