Gear Manufacturing, Especially High-tech High-end Equipment

Gear reducer booster equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate development

Gear reducer is the equipment manufacturing industry to implement mechanical transmission indispensable key components. The development of the national economy will stimulate the investment in infrastructure construction, and thus promote the development of metallurgy, power, construction machinery, building materials, energy and other industries, these industries to promote the gear reducer demand market expansion.

According to the data released by the prospective industry research institute, in 2011 China's gear reducer industry achieved sales revenue of 60.023 billion yuan, an increase of 31.54%; to achieve industrial output value of 60.972 billion yuan, an increase of 34.40%; total profit of 5.063 billion yuan, 27.90%.

As a result of equipment manufacturing technology constraints, China's gear reducer can only produce medium and low-grade products, national major areas, the focus of the project application reducer generally can only rely on imports. In order to change the application of China's reducer as soon as possible to the backward situation in developed countries, the national macroeconomic policy effect will continue to show, the domestic economic growth will remain strong, the international market will slowly recover, the economy stabilized and gradually Enhanced.

At present, the demand for gear reducer is strong, and the utilization rate of the main gear reducer is greatly improved. With the development of gear reducer, reducer needs will continue to maintain rapid growth, the average annual growth rate will be more than 20%.

Analysis on the prospect of future development and transformation of gear reducer industry

The downstream application industry of the reducer includes all areas of the national economy and the defense industry, such as lifting and transporting, cement building materials, heavy mining, metallurgy, electric power and aviation.

Benefit from the industrialization and urbanization process of the deepening of the state and the importance of machinery manufacturing industry, reducer industry as one of China's basic equipment industry. At the same time, China's economic development into the depth of the adjustment period, reducer industry also will enter the transformation and upgrading.

Lifting and transport equipment is the most widely used gear reducer industry, the development of the industry directly affect the growth rate of the slowdown in the market demand. Is expected; thirteen five period, China's lifting transport equipment manufacturing industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, benefit from this, reducer demand will also be effectively driven.

Iron and steel industry in the long-term extensive expansion, the urgent need to speed up structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and this adjustment to the metallurgical heavy machinery manufacturing industry, especially high-tech high-end equipment manufacturing industry has brought challenges, but also brought market opportunities The

Gear reducer is used in the cement machinery in the second category of general machinery and equipment, its market boom must be accompanied by strong demand for cement machinery industry and continue upward.

China's gear reducer industry after several generations of joint efforts have been formed after a huge industrial scale, at present, China's reducer products not only meet the needs of the domestic mainstream market, but also exported to foreign countries, and occupy a certain in the international market Status, can be described as renowned Chinese and foreign, China has become the world reducer manufacturing power.