Closing The Efficiency Gap Gear Machining

Gear milling has been included in some of the hot topics in machine tool manufacturers. In fact, it is obvious that we can use existing capacity in five-axis machining center for mining and processing traditional applications outside the scope of new application areas. Heller is also committed to this. Heller company headquartered in Germany nurtingen, followed in the fall of 2009 after the introduction of the new f-series, Heller in the application of technology of five-axis and a step forward. Provides mining gear milling machining center f series and MCH-C series has passed validation of all potential opportunities, and the ability to have the opportunity to make full use of machine tools and a variety of processing possibilities. Finally, through close cooperation with Voith Heller, developed for specific applications of the new technology. Both companies have submitted a patent application for the process, and hopes that this caused a stir in the industry.