Check Information Provided By Rubber Drive Belts

Rubber Drive Belts are mostly used in industrial belts, automotive belts and conveyor belts. These three types of rubber belts are used in different places because of their different characteristics. Rubber rubber belt drive with a simple mechanism, low noise and low cost of equipment, widely used in a variety of power transmission. Machine on the transmission of the ring belt, set in the two pulleys, multi-line with the core made of rubber, known as the belt.
Do not replace it when your rubber drive belt fails on the machine. See what the cause is. In most cases, the belt will provide you with every information you need. There are many reasons why my belt might break down.
The most common cause of the lower side of the belt crack is due to overheating on the belt. When the belt is heated to a certain point, the rubber becomes softer (belt temperature range: -31 ° F to 158 ° F). With the rubber then cooled, the rubber crystals decompose, which in turn makes the belt more fragile. Because the belt is more fragile, so it is easier to break. To solve this problem, you need to remove the belt from the heat source or remove the heat source from the belt running area. If you can not move the heat source or belt drive system, you can always install a heat shield to reflect some heat.
Rubber drive belts is not broken, does not mean it is no problem. As the belt is more old, the extent of its stretching is bound to exceed the range in which the tensioning device can compensate, resulting in skidding of the timing chain. The gear wear, there is lubricating oil adhesion will lead to slip. Check, if the belt with hardness reduction, wear, fiber breakage, or cracks, cracks, it shows that the belt has been worn, can not continue to use. Next, check the sprocket fault. Damaged sprockets can burn belt material and exacerbate belt wear. Sprocket failure may also cause the valve mechanism to produce greater resistance to the belt.