When it comes to timing belts, let’s take a look at the timing principle to understand the usefulness of timing belts.

A. Install the timing belt and check the tension of the crankshaft and camshaft timing belt.

Tip: If you are using the timing belt again, align the mark when you removed it and point the arrow in the direction of the engine rotation.

B. Check the timing of the valve

a. release the idler bolt

b. Slowly turn two turns from the top dead center position to the top dead center position.

Note: The crankshaft can only be turned clockwise.

C. Check the alignment mark of each pulley. If the timing mark is not aligned, remove the timing belt and reinstall it.

D. Fasten the No. 1 timing belt idler torque 37N. m

E. Remove the crankshaft pulley mounting bolts.