What are the processing methods of gears?

The gear processing method includes a molding method and a forming method. The forming method is to use the gear forming milling cutter to mill the tooth valley directly. The advantage is that the gear can be obtained on the milling machine and can be considered in the case of limited equipment. There are many disadvantages. In order to reduce the number of tools, the number of teeth is segmented, and a knife is used in a certain number of teeth, so that the tooth type brings system error. The method of forming is to use a tool and a gear to form a forming motion to machine the gear. There are mainly hobbing and gear shaping, and the hobbing is machined by simulating the worm gear. The gear teeth are machined by simulating the engagement of two gears. The hobbing is used more, because the tooth shape of the hobbing hob is straight, which is convenient for processing, and the tool for inserting the tooth is a gear with a shovel back, and the tooth shape is an involute, which is not convenient for processing. However, the gear can be used in some positions where the hobbing cannot be processed, such as double or multiple gears with too short internal teeth and retracting distance. The gears are finished with shaving and grinding.