What are the advantages and disadvantages of timing belts compared to timing chains?

Nowadays, the timing system transmission parts used in the car are timing belts, one is the timing chain, so many people will compare the two and want to know which one is better, but in fact both sides Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Compared with the two, the timing belt has the advantages of low noise, low price, convenient maintenance, low transmission resistance and low inertia. However, due to the rubber parts, its life is limited and the failure rate is high, so it is necessary to pay attention to regular replacement.

The timing chain is more solid, reliable and durable. Under normal circumstances, there will be no big problems within 100,000 km. Even when buying a car, many salesmen will tell you that the chain can be maintenance-free for life, but this is only In theory, car owners usually can't ignore the inspection and maintenance work, otherwise they are prone to problems, and this repair is more difficult to replace than the timing belt, and the cost is more expensive; Because of the metal, the chain will be larger in noise, but with the development of technology, some shortcomings in the timing chain are slowly being overcome.