Timing belt installation

1 align the mark of the camshaft timing gear with the mark on the valve cover.

2, align the crankshaft timing gear mark with the front cover mark.

3, the timing belt is sequentially installed as the crankshaft timing gear, the water pump pulley, the idler pulley, the camshaft timing gear and the pulley pulley.

4. Loosen the pulley mounting bolt 1 / 4-1 / 2 ring 压缩 Press the automatic tensioner push rod to the lowest position. Use the steel to insert the hole. Use the snap ring pliers to adjust the pulley. Turn the counterclockwise rotation. Adjust the hole parallel to the ground, lock the fixing bolt, pull out the steel needle

5. Rotate the crankshaft 2 times clockwise to check if the timing marks are correctly aligned.

6, turn back to the engine right nail  timing belt outside the cover  timing belt outer cover

7, replace the generator, air conditioning compressor belt

8, check the engine for abnormalities but need to pay attention, different models are different, I hope to pay attention. I hope the above answers can help you.