How to perfectly fit the pulley and motor shaft

Is the shaft of the pulley and the motor assembled like this? Because the pulley is rotating horizontally, what is needed is needed to get it stuck and not let it fall. The pulleys and shafts are connected by keys, so what other parts do you need to assemble?

Generally, it will not fall off with the interference fit, but it will not fall if the other parts of the motor shaft are used to pressurize the cover. Generally, the method of pressing the cover is not adopted, because the key of the pulley is easily loosened after the time of using the pressure cover, and the key-cut phenomenon occurs.

1, tight fit (most commonly used)

2, the shaft end is threaded and gland

3, with the shaft with elastic collar

4, drilling and tapping on the pulley, threaded from the radial direction

5, this is generally an interference fit, there will not be a situation that you said fall, so the bushing is not needed, according to what you mean, the motor is on the upper pulley.

6, if it is a common phenomenon of the traditional structure of the pulley, generally a nut is locked at the outer end of the shaft, such as the use of the European standard cone-type pulley is much more convenient, and this will not exist.