How to avoid electromagnetic interference in electric cylinders?

The electric cylinder is a product that can realize high-precision linear motion and is a product that has been developed with the increasing requirements of factory automation. As far as the current form is concerned, electric cylinders play a very important role in people's production and work life, and their application forms are also different.

    The electric cylinder itself has many advantages, such as low noise, precise position control and low cost, but it still encounters more or less fault problems when used, such as electromagnetic interference, which directly affects the problem. The electric circuit internal circuit control system is faulty.

    Electromagnetic interference should be familiar to people. In many cases, people have encountered electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic interference has a certain destructive effect on electronic components, which will directly lead to disorder of the clock system on the internal pulse of electronic components. That is to say, electromagnetic interference will cause the electric cylinder to have a different phenomenon during normal use, and even cause internal damage.

    When users want to effectively avoid electromagnetic interference when using electric cylinders, the first thing to understand is the source of electromagnetic interference, and know what will happen. In people's daily life, for example, when charging a regular battery car, it will be A large magnetic field is generated around, in other words, the main reason for generating a magnetic field is due to the propagation of wires.