Gear processing of gear reducer

Gear reducer gear processing, as in the special situation, the existing equipment can not be satisfied, the use of 5-axis 5 linkage CNC machine tools and general tools to deal with special gear processing problems, is also a modern CNC machine tool skills to bring us an inconvenience, It can't and should not be unified with the role of the gear plane, but it provides a useful make-up. With the development of gear transmission technology, the application needs of some new gears will always emerge, and we will propose the issues and obligations of researching and developing new, efficient and high-precision gear processing equipment.

With the development and extensive use of computer numerical control skills, in recent years. Gear machining machines and machining techniques have also been greatly developed, especially in the field of high precision and large gear machining. For example, the new CNC milling machine replaces the hob with a milling cutter to process large-scale wind power gears and nuclear power gears at high speed and high efficiency. The new spiral bevel gear CNC machining machine can process a variety of spiral bevel gears and expand the practicality of the machine tool. Adopting new tool data and high-speed machine tools to complete dry cutting, not only improve processing efficiency and processing accuracy, but also deal with green environmental protection problems; adopt on-machine inspection and computer to make up the skills, improve the machining accuracy of the machine; configure the robot on the machine tool to complete Actively clamping the workpiece, improving the effectiveness of the hard-toothed helical gear reducer, and so on.

Gears are important basic parts for conveying energy or stationary in various types of mechanical products. Rare gear types are structurally divided into cylindrical gears, bevel gears, non-circular gears, etc., and involute gears, cycloidal gears, arc gears, etc. are divided from the tooth shape. Gear production is indeed a specialized category. Specialized consumption requires special equipment and special tools. This is a hard-toothed helical gear reducer that is produced in the form of bulk and efficient consumption of gears. From the principle of transmission, there are many gear teeth that can be used for stationary or energy transmission. However, the most practical ones are mentioned above, which are caused by good transmission performance and on the other hand. Efficient and high-precision machining of equipment and special tools is also an important cause of widespread use. Therefore, for the time being, people have been studying various gear processing machine tools, special tools, and special processes to satisfy the needs of various gears in various industrial fields.

Most of them are based on the gear meshing principle, the hobbing method is used to process the gears, and the conservative gear processing machine. Partially taking the forming method to machine the gear, the important static relationship between the machining tool and the gear to be machined is commensurate with the static relationship between a pair of meshing gears or racks. After adopting the numerical control technique, the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the gear processing machine tool have further improved, but the basic machining principle has not changed the Tianjin walkie-talkie.

In practice, the universal 5-axis 5-link CNC machine tool is important for the machining of complex curved surface parts. The tooth surface of the gear is a special type of complex surface. Only by establishing a mathematical model and dealing with numerical control programming problems, a 5-axis 5-link CNC machine tool and a spherical milling cutter can be used to machine the tooth surface of the gear tooth. Therefore, the 5-axis 5-link CNC machine tool has a special disadvantage in handling new gear tooth surface machining.

The machining efficiency of the 5-axis 5-link CNC machine and the spherical milling cutter is much lower than that of the special gear machining machine, but in the processing of the rare gear. In particular, the hard tooth surface processing is less effective, and the machining accuracy is not inferior (cannot be ground). The so-called milling and grinding machine, the 5-axis 5 linkage machine tool can satisfy the gear request (can reach the level 3 precision) concept in machining accuracy. It is thought that the hardened helical gear reducer can be reached without any discretion, but it does not have extensive practicality. The 5-axis 5-link CNC machine tool is used for gear processing. The important role is to deal with the new gear tooth surface machining, and to perform some special conditions. For the rare gear tooth processing, especially for mass consumption gears, no matter the machining efficiency. The machining accuracy is still the old one, and the special machine tool still has a big disadvantage.