Rack And Pinion Gear

Product Details

Product Description:

The rack gear is a special gear whose teeth are distributed on the strip; The pinion gear are mechanical components that have gears on the rim that continuously mesh to transmit motion and power. Sanmin Gears usually produced 0.4-10 model spur gear, the most good at is 0.4-2.5 model spur gear, because most people used it. Sanmin Gears also produced DP, imperial gear, usually 24,32,64 DP, etc. This kind of rack and pinion gear is widely used in various machine, such as sliding gate motor, industrial power equipment, railway locomotive equipment, marine engineering equipment, automotive engineering equipment, etc.

Features: (brass/steel/stainless steel/nylon/plastic)

  • Through precise product lines and rigorous testing procedures

  • Excellent heat treatment ensures product toughness and makes the product reliable enough to use

  • competitive price

  • Heavy load, high speed, high precision and high efficiency

  • Small size, light weight, long life and economical and reliable

  • Provide customers with complete solutions, including product design, tools, manufacturing and services to achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Quality Control:

  • Serious raw material inspection;

  • Strict control over the entire manufacturing process;

  • Sampling of all the products after final inspection before shipment;

  • Quality trace after delivery